We really liked the project. It is well-done.

Olga Soshnikova, TV Company “Rambler”, Moscow .

Thank you very much for a high-quality New Year production. Our clients are really satisfied. And so are we.

Eugenia Vozhegova, commercial department of TV Company “Grand-TV”, Kirov.

Good evening! The cartoons are super!!!!! Thank you and your team of animators! The project will definitely become a decoration of the air.

Ann Gladkova, the major specialist in commercials of “Tcheboksary-TV”, Tcheboksary.

Good evening! We liked that there is some division according to the advertisers.

Ildar Valiullov, the head of the commercial department of TV Company “ERA-TV”, Astana , Kazakhstan.

Thank you! We liked it very much. I hope for further mutually beneficial collaboration.

Irina Nabokova, commercial department of TV Company “Istoki”, Oryel.

I examined the production of your Studio in detail. Frankly speaking, I liked it very much.

Vladimir Likov, creative director of Toonguru animation studio, Donetsk , the Ukraine.

Hello! I was glad to receive your offer concerning a new cartoon package. We shall be glad to collaborate with you again.

Sergey Kopilov, technical director of TV Company “Telecon”, Nizhniy Tagil.

Your production is superb, everybody liked it! Thank you very much!

Helen Lazareva, commercial department of TV Company “Omix”, Belovo, Kemerovo region.

Your Studio fascinates with your ideas!

Ann Slavina, editor-in-chief of TV Company “Novaya Volna”, Vladivostok.

Good morning! We wish you good luck! And look forward to receiving your new offers.

Leonid Litarov, the head of the marketing and commercial department of TV Company “Blagovest-Express”, Noyabrsk.

Your cartoons are cool!

Alexander Udovichenko, program director of TV Company “Set-TV”, Khabarovsk .

Your reels were a great success on our TV channel!

Olga Perevozchikova, the head of the department of regional commercials, “Kupol-Media”, Izhevsk.

We are really satisfied with your New Year project.

Yuriy Iljinikh, director of TV Company “Planeta-Service”, Gorno-Altaysk.

We bought a package of cartoons for designing our TV channel for the holidays of March, 8 and February, 23. We really liked it. We would like to keep on collaborating with you.

Oleg Polimov, director of programs and marketing of TV Company “ATN”, Yekaterinburg.