All began from broadcast design – our studio is founded by specialists with a 14 year experience of working on TV and for TV.

Awareness of real tasks and problems of modern TV channels lets us solve them professionally.

ForSight Studio creates innovative design of the air and programs taking into account target groups, marketing and a strategy of the channel. A single program or design of the whole channel turns into a bright dynamic show in hands of our designers.

We are proud of having helped a wide range of TV channels to gain a victory in the struggle for audience's attention.

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Sphere Nebesniy Chasovoy
Glubina rezkosty Aritmia Studio 11
Stadium Fight club Vezdehod Kluet Tourism in the Irkutsk Region
Proobraz Men club Melochi Zhizni
Vishe Krishi
Dachniy sezon Dela domashnie
Tabula Rasa I vse-taki ona vertitsya
“AIST” TV Channel  “Pioneer” TV Channel
Cherry Ice Sun Dandelion Lift
Telephone Mug Iron Mechanism Hair
Bee Molecule Microbes Spermatozoon