ForSight Studio has won dozens of design, animation and advertising awards, including:


City+design” exhibition. (Irkutsk). “The Best animation” diploma.

Annual National contest of public service advertising “New space of Russia” 2009/10 (St. Peterburg). The 1st place in nomination “Rescue phone - 01” for the project “Security is important”.


The competition of PSA “Art-mission” (Krasnoyarsk). Grand-prix for “Do not get involved” movie. The 1st place for “Mother” movie.

The first Vladimir's festival of PSA “Chilli Pepper”. The 2nd place for “Do not get involved” movie.


International festival of animated films “Penguin Flash” (Moscow). The 1st place in category “Best episode” for the cartoon “Happy New Year”.

Moscow International Festival of advertising “Red Apple”. The 1st place, up to the national voting, in category “Services” for movie “4 love”.

«The best movie of month” contest. (Novosibirsk). The 3rd place for animated movie “Blagodey - helpful”.


«The best movie of mounth” contest. (Novosibirsk). The 2nd place for animated movie “Blagodey – Mumu”.

The Festival of creative decisions “Continent of advertising” (Irkutsk). The 2nd place in nomination “Commercials” for animated movie “Monster”. The 2nd place in televoting (collected more than 700 votes) for graphic movie “Monsters”.


ION International Animation, Games and short Film Festival” (Los Angelos). Cartoon “Fish up” became the laureate of the festival. More over, this cartoon won the Movie Rental in one of the cinemas in the USA.

Baikal festival of advertising (Irkutsk). The 3rd place in nomination “Commercials” for animated commercial “Kayaba”.


International festival of computer Arts “Gaura Days” (St. Peterburg). The 1st place in nomination “TV background” - design of ether of the TV company “Pioneer”


The contest “Pearl of Siberia” (Irkutsk). Diploma of the second degree in nomination “The best TV commercial”.

The 1st Baikal festival of advertising. Th 2nd place in nomination “advertising of services” for cartoon “Call to fight”. The 3rd place in nomination “Product advertising” for animated commercial “Computers from Comtec”. From 10 works of commercials, included in shot-list, 8 works were jointly created with our studio.



The 4th Russian exhibition “Design 2010” (Irkutsk). The 1st place in nomination “Advertising”. The 1st place in nomination “Computer design”.

Moscow professional Internet-competition “Anigraf-telekino”. The 2nd place in the short-list among russian works for the animated movie “And we have gas in the car”.