ForSight Studio looks ahead with humor and optimism; and it found its realization: we produce incredibly cheerful cartoons.

The artists of our studio put their souls into wonderful characters that begin living their own merry and careless lives on television screens giving people joy and high spirits.

We have produced a great number of successful advertising reels most of which won a lot of awards. But the main victory for us is prosperity of our clients for whom the emotions of advertising reels turned into a profit.
To go further we created some short entertaining serials that at once drew TV companies` attention and gained the audience of more than 8 million people.

The team of animators uses the latest achievements in animation that can compete with most up-to-date technologies of the world: be it traditional animation, 3D or Flash animation. That is why ForSight Studio has got enough courage to deal with such projects that require the highest level of professionalism.
Animation is the most beloved child of ours. That is why we work on several different series at once and look forward to seeing them on TV screens.

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